Hello everyone,

As we can all see in the world we’re in desperate need of a new structure of civilization/society where equality can exist. We are products of our environment which has caused significant damage mentally and physically to beings all over the planet. The population is growing at an unsustainable rate with the current model of civilization dominated by corporations and the standard of life for 99% is not improving from generation to generation, just damaging the planet more and creating more suffering and debt to the benefit of private interests.

The Global Concept Project is to address and solve the underlying issues behind human life on the planet in a theoretical theater which can be implemented tomorrow once it is at an over all agreeable state external from the current structure to be implemented by the people in communities which can connect together to ensure the extended human rights of all people.

This website is not meant to be a static guide to a better world, but an evolving platform where you have direct input into the end result.

Once the platform is made I will upload all the parameters and every user will be able to edit each sector and vote for approval from all edited variations to be placed on the top to be displayed as the parameter of a given sector.
(Sector meaning anything from critical infrastructure, education, crime and punishment, agriculture and all other sectors of civilization and society.)

The structure of this guide needs to cater for an extended human rights list for everyone, no matter the colour of there skin or belief.
The extended human rights are;
Free Will

Operated on a voluntary rotational roster system for critical infrastructure. With self sustainability and self governance as the main focal point of everyone. We have the knowledge and technology for this to work, we just need a clear defined goal to unify our efforts towards and a structure of transition between this imaginary debt and stress laden system we were born into, to a self sustained harmonised civilization working with the planet to develop civilization for many generations to come.

I have written a skeleton structure of a way this can all work based around small to large open source councils of the most knowledgeable most respected persons in each field of civilization to address and solve the issues we face as humanity. The sectors of council should be comprised of experts and most respected persons from;
Human Resources (Local roster coordinators)
Research & Design

Based locally to take care of the people in each community and nationally to make sure all peoples human rights are taken care of incorporated with an online interface into the council chambers where the people have the end result of agree or disagree with going ahead with the solutions created from the councils.

This structure has no leader nor money, people will be inspired to follow there personal dreams of what they wish to do in life be it in creating culture though clothing design for their local area, philosophical poetry to entertain and expand minds or to be educated on top of the reconfigured education system to a specialised field and join the engineering, inventing and R&D with the assistance of science communities to push the limits of technology with the help of human resources and mining (be it for metals or organic composites) to achieve our greatest of goals as humanity.

This platform can only be created with your help, whether you help spread the word of the global concept project via your social media (or donate your account, it is free and you never have to think about it again) Or you go scrape the coins from the back of your couch and donate it to developing this platform so the evolution of the idea can begin… and for those who have the means and you see the power of this concept and wish to make a difference for the future generations of the world any donation be it $1 or more would make all the difference.

Or even more valuable if you have the skills to code and create plug-ins for websites and believe in this idea you time is worth more then money and others will not need to donate any of there hard earned money to achieve this idea for us to have a unified goal.

The current goal is to reach $5000 for the software to be programmed. This can only be achieved by help from many generous people in my eyes.

Alternatively you can sponsor GCP by purchasing a water/fluoride filter from:


Thank you for taking the time to read this and much love.